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Understanding sustainable fabric

The use of textiles in fashion, our homes and projects go hand in hand. Choosing what fabrics and fibers you use is important for the application and for the environment.  What is even more important is to consume less and buy better quality pieces moving forward.  Ideally ones made out of natural fibers that can biodegrade at the end of their life. 

Our studio has committed to partnering with small farms with sustainable farming practices that use the best wastewater management available. We build relationships with artisans that weave and dye raw fibers using sustainable methods. Our fabric offerings always include dyes that are plant-based or low impact. 

Learn about our raw material choices

Why it matters

There are thousands of fresh water lakes across the planet. Most have a natural outflow in the form of a river or stream.  We are fortunate to live among the largest and most diverse waterways on Earth.  Unfortunately most waterways near textile mills and dye houses across the world have been completely destroyed, causing no aquatic life to survive and making it unsuitable for human or animal consumption.

Your choices make statements and support small farmers, artisans and textile designers that have made a commitment to sustainable practices. Fresh Water Textiles fabrics and fibers are chosen with respect to people and the planet. 

Our focus

If you are looking for traceable, small batch options for your home we offer

our private line of finished goods produced in Traverse City. 

We have added organic and recycled string, rope and artisan materials for weaving, macrame and fiber arts.

AND starting in June we will be offering our full line of raw natural dye materials.

We hope to be apart of all your creative endeavors.