Solid Maple Handcrafted Looms


All looms except for the Minnow are solid hard maple construction. All warp combs are cut to an 1/8th inch gap for versatility. Handcrafted by Lost Pond Looms.

Minnow - At 11 inches overall and 6 inches wide this is a great little loom for beginners, travelers and children. The weaving area is 8 1/2 inches by 6 inches.
A very comfortable "waist" is cut in the center of the loom so you can hold it easily with one hand, or set it comfortably on the top of a table.
Made of Northeastern Cherry and Walnut with a light hand rubbed oil finish.
Each loom comes with an 8 inch wooden shed needle.

Peeper - a wonderful loom very light and compact for easy travel. Width: 12 inches - Length: 16 inches. Maple weaving sword (1) and shuttle sticks (2) included.

Dragonfly - may be used flat on the table or stood at an angle. Width: 18 inches - Length: 20 inches. 16 inch maple weaving sword (1) included.

Bullfrog - adjustable table top loom. Width: 24 inches - Length: adjustable from 24 inches to 38 inches. Legs allow a multitude of positions, loom can be used flat on the table top or standing at an angle. 27 inch maple weaving sword (1) included.
Easy to assemble. All hardware and assembly instructions included.

Kingfisher II - Offering a 48 inch wide and 36 inch tall weaving area, this large tilting loom offers so many options. Set the loom in either the upright position or attach the special leg brackets and allow the loom to tilt at a slight angle. A nice option for the weaver who may be sitting at the loom for a time.