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Raw Natural Dyes

We offer the highest quality dye materials for sustainable raw pigment from nature.

Ground Madder Root - rich reddish and orange shades

Osage Orange Sawdust - bright yellow

Cutch - rich reds and browns

Weld - yellows, greens and bright limes

Chestnut - soft yellows and creams

Pomegranate - buttery shades

Quebracho Rojo - pinkish peach to brown rose

Organic Indigo - all shades of blue - create a 1-2-3 type vat using calcium hydroxide and fructose or henna from Botanical Colors.


eco friendly planetWe make eco-friendly choices by producing fabrics with respect to people and the planet. Our crafted goods support small farms, mills, weavers, and textile artists. Small batch, locally sewn, everyday goods.

water dropletsAll farms and sources use the best wastewater practices, even in poor countries. We maintain integrity by using high environmental standards, GOTS, fair trade, and USA farmed materials when possible.

organic leafWe support sustainable farming, weaving, and dyeing practices. Our fabrics use vegetable and plant-based dyes, so there is no worry of toxic chemicals. No smell, no mildew, and biodegradable materials.

recycleHelp clean up the junk on earth, in your life, and in your home. We take no waste seriously. Sizes of napkins and tea towels are determined because we work hard to not waste any fabric. Scraps are always used!