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Organic Cotton Fleece Blanket

Preparing for hibernation?  This is the blanket for you.  Organic cotton fleece is wonderful to cuddle up with.  Not only is it soft and sustainable it washes up beautifully. 

Machine wash warm gentle cycle.  Tumble dry low or hang to dry.  

Next time you invest in a warm blanket look for cotton fleece.  The majority of fleece blankets are made of Polyester.  This is a man made product created using a chemical reaction involving petroleum.  It is a non renewable resource and does not biodegrade which fills up our landfills.

eco friendly planetWe make eco-friendly choices by producing fabrics with respect to people and the planet. Our crafted goods support small farms, mills, weavers, and textile artists. Small batch, locally sewn, everyday goods.

water dropletsAll farms and sources use the best wastewater practices, even in poor countries. We maintain integrity by using high environmental standards, GOTS, fair trade, and USA farmed materials when possible.

organic leafWe support sustainable farming, weaving, and dyeing practices. Our fabrics use vegetable and plant-based dyes, so there is no worry of toxic chemicals. No smell, no mildew, and biodegradable materials.

recycleHelp clean up the junk on earth, in your life, and in your home. We take no waste seriously. Sizes of napkins and tea towels are determined because we work hard to not waste any fabric. Scraps are always used!