Conscious Cozy Kids Gift Set

Snuggle up with a standard pillowcase, blanket,
and naturally dyed woolly animal for your cozy, conscious kiddo.

This organic fabric has magical powers. To be organic means that it is good for the plants and animals of the earth. How is this fabric good for the earth? The cotton that was grown to make such a soft blanket and pillowcase was grown without any pesticides. Pesticides kill bugs and make animals and humans sick. The colors come from plants, vegetables and other safe dyes that don’t cause anyone to get sick. These dyes were kept away from our rivers, lakes, and oceans so that no human, animal, or plant drink dye in their water. This set is pure and fluffy, and safe for all kinds of cuddles and snuggles. It is magical because it is made with intention and love to keep the whole planet safe. Even you!