Our Focus

Whenever I try to write about what I do, I truly laugh out loud at how fun this is. Don’t get me wrong, building and sustaining a small business of any kind is a monumental and scary task — especially these days— but I am so lucky to do what I do every day. My background is in science, not design, but I have always loved to create. I combined my love for the hand-crafted with my passion for the outdoors in focusing on earth-friendly textiles. I am tickled pink to have worked for years to slowly grow this sustainable business to the scale that it is that I’ve been able to open such a vibrant, creative shop.

I could go on about our finished goods, the quality of our work, the fabulous women who work with me, and our unparalleled materials… but the real conversation is about making quality materials available to local communities again. For years, innovation allowed us to grow, detach from regional shops, and lower our standards of the quality of goods we buy.  This shift not only took away the vibrancy of our communities, but it filled our landfills with quick crafts and short-lived home goods. Our mission at Fresh Water Textiles is to swim upstream from this cultural trajectory. By creating a thriving local textile economy, we are directly supporting farmers and craftspeople on a local and global level, and we are investing in the future health of our planet.

We celebrate being part of a network of families and shop owners working hard to offer unique, meaningful spaces to our community that can inspire us all to create more joy and vibrancy in this world. Our hope is for you to feel that sense of celebration, inspiration, and community when you walk through our doors.