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Welcome, I am so excited you are diving into Fresh Water Textiles. If you like to mix the absolute best parts of art and science, you have found the right place. The number one goal of Fresh Water Textiles is to offer uncommon, sustainable options for your home, sewing, weaving, macramé and natural dyeing. The first part of sustainability is reusing and recycling what you have. The second part is where we come in. Do you have a chair or ottoman that needs beautiful fabric and trims or old jeans that need mending plus a few embellishments to give them a new life? Thinking of trying your hand at knitting your own throw pillows or possibly a simple string or cord tied into an interesting knot for a gift or to tie back your curtains? Possibilities are endless especially if you add in the experimentation of natural dyes. We invite you to stop in to see and touch firsthand.
With our finished goods, kits, and endless options of raw goods, sold by the foot, yard, or spool, it offers you the opportunity to try projects without a huge investment. As a mom of three teenage boys I know very well how different points in your life allow for different creative pursuits. Right now, you may have just enough time to stop by to daydream or learn the simple act of tying knots. Maybe you are feeling ambitious and ready to tackle a new pattern or weave a modern tapestry. Wherever you are, we are here to offer fun, inspiring, educated options. Our commitment and transparency in curating only earth-friendly finished goods and raw materials allows you and your family time to focus on genuinely enjoying creative endeavors.
Jen VanderRoest