From Small Farm to Small Batch

We could go on and on about how hard we’ve worked to source the purest fibers that go into each of these cozy blankets. Or talk about how these heirloom quality pieces aren’t just for show, so you should go ahead and use them every day. We could even tell you these intentional small-batch blankets mean no toxic wastewater and pollution goes into our world’s waterways while making them.

But instead, we’ll leave you with this: these natural fiber blankets & throws are the sustainable staples you’re going to want in your life. For your porch, for the boat, on your bed, as a gift. However you choose to use them, wrap yourself in clean comfort and know you’re helping build a better planet, one blanket at a time.

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The titan of natural textiles


Classic and sophisticated, with all the rugged durability to hold up for years and years. Linen is highly absorbent and fast-drying while being breathable and anti-bacterial, too. We’ve carefully sourced ours in small batches from Europe and India’s most trusted, GOTS-certified sustainable farms and mills.
The textile world’s natural powerhouse


It’s widely used in clothing and home textiles for its strong fibers and unfussy laundering. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides or fertilizers from seeds that have never been genetically modified. It’s biodegradable and fully recyclable, meaning it won’t shed into wastewater either. We source ours from small vetted or GOTS-certified organic farms and mills around the U.S.
inherently eco-friendly and organic


People have been using wool in textiles longer than any other fiber. Coming from the hair of animals, its natural waviness, or ‘crimp,’ gives it insulating properties that make it incredibly warm, while also being incredibly durable and elastic. We get ours from small farms in New Zealand.